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Menu of Services


Customized Facial Treatment  -  Like maintenance for your car, the more regular you care for it the better it performs, looks and feels.

Hybrid Facial Treatment  -  A fusion of a facial and peel, when you want more than a facial but not ALL the peeling.

Medical Grade Chemical Peels  -  Face and body. Light to Heavy Duty. Enough said.

Oxygenating Peel Treatments  -  Provides plumping, brightening and smoothing. A necessity before a big event.

Rezenerate  -  Innovative alternative to microneedling. Great for sensitive skin.

Opti Resurfacing Peel Treatment - A peel without all the peeling. Lots of tools used. Exfoliation like never before.

Microdermabrasion Treatment  -  Do it solo or combine with a facial or peel.

Clean & Peel  -  Deep pore cleansing with salicylic peel. Great for adult and teenage acne. 

Customized “Quickie”  -  When you are short on time, this thirty-minute treatment is focused on your skin’s individualized needs.

Brow and Lash Tint  -  Only available with other treatments.


Nutrition Consultation Services Available Upon Request.